Client Reviews

Working with Brettany was a great experience. She helped us find great tenants for our home and found us a great place to lease. What’s great is she still keeps in touch and asks how things are going. We’ve never been landlords before and she’s always available for any questions.

I would recommend working with Brettany any day. She really does care for her clients and works hard to make sure they are happy.
- Mona

“Brettany is a winner!!!………..Now, why do I say that? After interviewing two Realtors, that were in a word “pathetic”, I found Brettany via a web search which put her to No. 1. I was looking for a real Professional in residential leasing with true knowledge of the market, with an emphasis in marketing, property management and general Real Estate. While her web site certainly provides her with a glowing picture, I can unequivocally tell you, it is ALL TRUE. Brettany does her job FOR YOU and is just a pure pleasure to be around. Yes, my deal worked out to virtually every expection I had but the best part?……….We are now good friends and that is priceless!”
- Mark Raskin

My wife and I highly recommend Brettany as a real estate agent. Our house for rent was on the market for over 60 days with another “agency” when we switched to Brettany. Not only was the place rented to great tenants in 7 days, but the rent was actually higher than what we had thought we could get. (It almost took us longer to logistically get rid of the other agent than it did for Brettany to get the house rented!) She’s thorough, personable, knows her stuff and the entire process was a breeze. Thanks Brettany!
- Michael and Danielle Mullin

Although she may look young (this is not a bad thing at all), she is a force to be reckoned with! Brettany is now our agent for life…she proved herself time and time again with each situation that came up through selling our house. Professionalism and high ethical standards are her core and she handled our property with the upmost care and precision. Do not underestimate Brettany as she is capable and she is the most out of the box thinker and do-er any company has to offer! You will feel taken care of and relaxed when you work with Brettany. Thank you again for all you did for us and we look forward to working with you again very soon!
- Allen C.

I highly recommend Brettany Harrison for all of your real estate needs. I value her work ethic, appreciate her good communication and trust her judgment. I worked with Brettany to find a family for my rental property.  She was wonderful and I am so happy with the family that she recommended.  They have been excellent tenants and I hope they will never leave.
- Leslie Q.

Brettany Harrison is the best  Agent in LA! Period!
- Scott Hammer

Brettany Harrison is an excellent agent. She explained the leasing process well and made it easy—she really assisted me through this process and made it less stressful. Thanks so much Brettany!
- R. Fajardo

Brettany Harrison! If your looking for someone to find you what your looking for, BRETTANY HARRISON is your Lady! She is thorough, reliable, and makes you feel like she cares! I’ve been renting all my life and have never had an agent like Brettany. When I’m ready to buy, I know where to go. I would recommend Brettany to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent.
- Daniel H.

My dealings with Brettany have been nothing short of fantastic. She must carry that Ipad on her hip in a sling because when I have questions, she has answers. And fast. If she can keep on with the way she does business, she will go far in this industry. Customer service goes a long way with me. Unfortunately, some things have come up with the house that need attention and she has patiently been there for it all. Thank you, Brettany, for putting up with it all. Hopefully it will all calm down once the owner stops trying to save a horse at the cost of a kingdom. My name is Michael Gist and I approve this message. ;) Insert laugh here.
- Michael Gist

Our family has been looking at properties for a while for a good rental, something that would work for us for many years. When we found a perfect listing we also found an angel in Brettany Harrison. Every step of the way was truly professional and a wonderful experience for us. We were also very impressed with her diligence in making sure we and the property owner were a good fit and that our future working relationship would make good sense from the beginning. We highly recommend Brettany Harrison as your agent to buy or lease any property.
- KJ Luker

Brettany Harrison from LRS Realty & Management responded immediately to my call in late August of 2010 about leasing my home in Simi Valley, she met with me, next day she took pictures and had my home on-line for viewing, with a very professional presentation. She immediately started showing my property being very professional and knowledgeable with greeting prospective renters and answering their questions. In October she leased my home, just 6 weeks from the time of signing the contract with Brettany at LRS Realty & Management. Communication is very important to me and she does respond very quickly to my calls. She is definitely dedicated with helping her clients achieve their goals with their rental property. I am very pleased and thankful with the outcome of the service she provided, thank you Brettany Harrison.
- Doreen Block

Just want to let her know that working with her has been a pleasure. If anyone out there needs help looking for rentals and or buying a home, she is the person for that job. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, always smiling and most of all will do what it takes to take care of your needs. Every time I have called her she has responded immediately and if she didn’t have an answer at that time she would make sure she called back in a timely manner. She is a big asset to the realty business and she will go a long way. Thanks for everything!!!!!
- Mary Fajardo

As a longtime out of the area rental property owner I have enlisted the services of several different property management agents/companies throughout the years.

Working with Brettany in particular was a great experience. It’s no secret that times are tough. Marketing and showing a property in order to get it leased to a qualified tenant(s) requires a lot of time, hard work and experience, Brettany has them all! Brettany also has all the important skills required to manage rental properties. She is very organized, professional, firm, easy to contact and she does what she says!

Brettany is without a doubt my new “go to” realtor!
- B.V.

Brettany Harrison does it again…and again!

When I had 2 properties become vacant at the same time Brettany took them both on with an aggressive marketing plan that resulted in getting them both rented in the shortest time possible.

The tenants Brettany found for both properties were extremely qualified and have both told me how much they enjoyed working with Brettany as she was/is very professional, easy to contact and very knowledgeable! These of course are things I already knew from working with Brettany in the past on other properties.

If you have a vacant property I highly recommend calling Brettany because Brettany gets it done!
- B.V.